What’s up, gym community?! I am Niklas Bornhöft, 27 year old gym freak from Hamburg, Germany. I fell in love with going to the gym when I was 17 and a basic commercial gym opened up nearby where me and my family used to live. Since then I spent heaps of my time on enhancing my knowledge about aesthetic bodybuilding, anatomy, worked on becoming the most disciplined version of myself and how to stay on a balanced diet – all of that besides working on a full-time management job, studying from home and sparing time for family & friends.


Now I feel like the time has come to share this passion with like-minded folks: I will be sharing my daily gym routine on the next day via Playbook, so you can join me for some high volume, high intensity bodybuilding-workouts whenever you are ready.

No gatekeeping, no bullshit – all about making aesthetic gains together!

Uniquelas Curl