FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UNIQUELAS APP and how does it help me to reach my fitness goals?

The UNIQUELAS APP is no place for gatekeeping, for no bullshit – it’s all about making aesthetic gains together!

My digital coaching app will equip you with fitness routines tested and performed by myself, so I know they are working for you! Success is guaranteed!

It will provide you with a new and unique workout everyday, tips on diet, mental coaching and inspirations from oldschool bodybuilding that will remove plateaus in your performance and boost results.

This constantly growing gym database with tailor-made workouts will  maximise muscle-activation. 

You will get no boring Excel sheets or 08/15 workout plan, but easy-to-follow instructions with videos of myself performing the exercises, tracking of your rests between sets and weights per exercise as well as my tips on how to do the exercise.

Where do I benefit of digital coaching more compared to
personal face-to-face personal training?

☑️ convenience – a new workout is ready when you are, everyday! It‘s waiting for you in your pocket, just take your mobile advice with you and hit the gym!

☑️ flexibility – no appointments, no schedules, no fixed courses. Just inspiring exercises personalised to your needs!

☑️ expert guidance – easy-to-follow videos for every exercise of the programm!

☑️ variety – a daily-growing database has your back to shock the target muscle in every possible way!

☑️ cost-effectiveness – first week is for free, 6$/month after that. It doesn‘t get any cheaper than that!

☑️ Reminders, streaks and social: Add reminders into your calendar, get motivated by keeping up your streaks and share your progress on social media!

☑️ accessibility – once purchased, forever yours! All your workouts are lifetime-accessible!

☑️ customization – If you are not after a full workout programm but just exercise-inspiration, pick your fav exercises and build your own!

☑️ progress-tracking – possibility to enter the weights you used for each exercise, the programm will remind you how strong you were last time 

☑️ community – live and 1-to-1 exchange with me and the other UNIQUELAS APP users. Exchange about workouts and leave comments for me how the next workouts should look like!

I‘m newly into fitness & gym, will I be able to do your workouts?

Absolutely! My workouts are scalable to all levels of fitness and physique and come with a high intensity as well as low rest times between the sets. There are easy-to-follow videos of myself performing the exercises, that assure you‘ll do them in a proper weight.

What makes the UNIQUELAS APP different? How can I be sure about seeing results?

With this programm you are getting my exact workouts I did the day prior. All excercises, sets, reps, pauses and even grips are tracked to boost your performance!

You will never se the exact same workout twice, my best advice is give it a shot and work out 1 month with me – I‘ll prove that this result-booster is performance-increasing, interactive and fun at the same time!